Friday, October 8, 2010

R.I.P. Butterscotch and Cookiedough

I received a text from my landlord asking if I had lost interest in the chickens and if so he could find some foster care for them. A neighbor e-mailed him consered that I lost interest in the chickens. I text back explaining that I had not lost interest, that i had actually bought two more chickens and have been feeding them all organic feed and nice bedding. I also told him i had a stack of library books checked out on chickens. NO i have not lost interest, I want to learn more. He felt better and told the neighbor to butt out.
A few hours later we get home to find Cookiedough almost gone. Monkey held her and comforted her until she fell completely passed. Butterscotch was doing great. Until the next morning Monkey went to check on her and she was dead.  WEIRD
Did that neighbor put a curse on me and my chickens. Who knows, I just thought it was a huge coincidence that both of my little girl chickens died not 24 hours after e-mailing my landlord. Maybe she herd Cookiedough cry or something along those lines???
I bet she did not put a curse on me but that was the first thing that came to mind. What we think happened is that a cat or coon got in the barn and scared them to death. I think Cookiedough had a heart attack. I think the same animal got it the barn the next night and tried to get Butterscotch out of her cage but failed causing her to be strangled.
This was very sad for us especially the girls. I had to explain to them that we have them to produce eggs for us and that we can not get that close to them because things like these happen.
I will get more chickens when we get back from being out of town. I will do things a little different the next time around

Friday, September 10, 2010

keep on keeping on Butterscotch

The guy at the store we got the new chickens from told me to put the little girls in with the old ladies the first night and see how it goes. If it does not go well, put them in a dog create but still keep them in the coup so that they will still be in the same place but will do be hurt. After doing this for a few weeks they should be fine and have the whole dominance thing worked out.
The little girls did good the first night. So we left them be while at work and school. We got home and Butterscotch was is super bad shape. Monkey came running out of the "barn" screaming and crying that Butterscotch had a whole in her and was bleeding.  I went to see what was going on and poor Butterscotch was in a corner bleeding with a huge chunk of feathers missing. Cookie Dough was hiding in the cubby i created for them the night before with a box and the container of food. The old ladies could not get to them in there. Then I got the old ladies Hazel and Oreo in the outside part of the coup as the Man got home and came to see what the girls were freaking out about. He helped me get Butterscotch put in a dog create and out of harms way. I put Cookie Dough in another dog create but kept her in the coup.When it got  dark I let the Old ladies in.
We were very scared Butterscotch was not going to make it. She seemed very traumatized. She was shaking and twitching. She has a really bad spot on her right wing and on her butt. She was also pecked on her head and neck but was not as badly injured in those spots.
I was very worried she would not live through the night. But she was still alive the next morning. =) I took her out of her space and put hydrogen peroxide one her bad spots last night and let her roam around the yard. She seems to be doing much better. She was still alive this morning. I think she will live.
keep on keeping on Butterscotch
I'm going to keep the little hens separated until Butterscotch gets better and then i will introduce them. I will then either do the dog create in the coup with the old hens or just put them in the bunny cage. I will see how i feel when the time comes.
Monkey has now decided she is going to be a vegetarian starting in October because of this event. She said she will slowly wean herself off of meat and fully be off in October. She will only eat meat on special occasions, like her birthday. Her favorite food is steak, so lets see if this stays in effect.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Butterscotch and Cookie Dough

The chicken adventure started when me moved into this house in June. When i found this house the ad said it had a chicken coup but the chickens would not be staying. I was super excited to see the house not just because it had a chicken coup, but that was a big deal. We came to look at the house hours after finding the add. We fell in love right away. He ended up throwing in the chickens with the house. The girls, Bug and Monkey, were so excited to name the chickens. They named them Oreo Cream and Hazel Nut. They have been giving us eggs and the eggs are so yummy. I have never been around chickens and really don't even know how to hold one properly. My mom always told me stories of how she hated them and was scared of them. So of course Im a little scared of them, but the girls don't know that. hehe I have been shown how to hold them but have never held the two old hens. Hazel is not as nice as Oreo.  She is the one that will get in the neighbors yard. oh boy this was kind of funny watching the girls try and get her out of the yard. I thought Mrs. Paulina was going to hate us. She was not too happy at first but then when the Man and I came over and talked to her a while and got Hazel out of her yard she was much happier. I had to get the Man to come her because im a chicken. Hazel has gone in her yard one other time and he had to come get her again. opps That was the last time we let them free in the yard. My friends chickens roam free in there yard. Its good for the chickens to eat the bugs and weeds. Im betting these two have not been out of the coup much, so they are not used to being out and about. Im sure it is a combination of that and the cute little dog wanting to see what in the world they are.
We have been going to this cute little garden store to get the chickens this organic feed. They seem to love it and we get yummy eggs. We also found out that the chickens love watermelon and egg shells. I put the shells in the coup with some other veggies and fruit and figured I would just clean up the stuff that was not eaten later. The second I doped the egg shells on the ground Hazel and Oreo went crazy and were even taken them from each other. This seemed very weird to all of us that the chickens eat their own egg shells. Come to find out the shells are great to make their next eggs stronger.  Now that I have been giving them the shells for a few weeks now, we have been getting more eggs. But we seem to be going through the eggs faster than they can lay them.
This brings me to the title of todays blog. Butterscotch and Cookie Dough are our two new chickens we got last night. Bug named Butterscotch and Monkey named Cookie Dough. These Chickens were born in June, therefore they should start laying the eggs in November. These new chickens will be taken into the yard more and hopefully a little more trained.........haha
This is defiantly a new adventure.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

so many new things

So many new things have entered my world and this blogging is the newest adventure. I had a friend tell me I should blog about my adventure of starting a garden since i was/am new to gardening. I was very apprehensive because I have never liked to write and am not very good at it, so that was scary. I have now picked up some other adventures that I am starting from new and would like to see my progress with them. I have so many interest and want to do so many cool things even if i fail at them, I would still like to see how i do. I think this going to be a good way of tracking my many adventures and maybe even get some helpful feedback. I have no idea how this is all going to turn out but I'm ready to see how long all of these new things last, including