Friday, September 10, 2010

keep on keeping on Butterscotch

The guy at the store we got the new chickens from told me to put the little girls in with the old ladies the first night and see how it goes. If it does not go well, put them in a dog create but still keep them in the coup so that they will still be in the same place but will do be hurt. After doing this for a few weeks they should be fine and have the whole dominance thing worked out.
The little girls did good the first night. So we left them be while at work and school. We got home and Butterscotch was is super bad shape. Monkey came running out of the "barn" screaming and crying that Butterscotch had a whole in her and was bleeding.  I went to see what was going on and poor Butterscotch was in a corner bleeding with a huge chunk of feathers missing. Cookie Dough was hiding in the cubby i created for them the night before with a box and the container of food. The old ladies could not get to them in there. Then I got the old ladies Hazel and Oreo in the outside part of the coup as the Man got home and came to see what the girls were freaking out about. He helped me get Butterscotch put in a dog create and out of harms way. I put Cookie Dough in another dog create but kept her in the coup.When it got  dark I let the Old ladies in.
We were very scared Butterscotch was not going to make it. She seemed very traumatized. She was shaking and twitching. She has a really bad spot on her right wing and on her butt. She was also pecked on her head and neck but was not as badly injured in those spots.
I was very worried she would not live through the night. But she was still alive the next morning. =) I took her out of her space and put hydrogen peroxide one her bad spots last night and let her roam around the yard. She seems to be doing much better. She was still alive this morning. I think she will live.
keep on keeping on Butterscotch
I'm going to keep the little hens separated until Butterscotch gets better and then i will introduce them. I will then either do the dog create in the coup with the old hens or just put them in the bunny cage. I will see how i feel when the time comes.
Monkey has now decided she is going to be a vegetarian starting in October because of this event. She said she will slowly wean herself off of meat and fully be off in October. She will only eat meat on special occasions, like her birthday. Her favorite food is steak, so lets see if this stays in effect.

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